Swindon Rendezvous is on the move

Tree on Hooper Place, Old Town is set for some major changes in the coming weeks and yes, it will remain open.

The mighty popular restaurant, Swindon Rendezvous, will be moving back to it’s original location near in the Theatre Square, next to the Wyvern Theatre.

The Rendezvous is moving back to it’s previous residence to improve customer satisfaction following customer feedback since the move to Old Town.

We spoke to Alan Mok, the owner of Tree and Rendezvous, to give you an insight into what’s changing and what his hopes are following the changes.

Why have you decided to make the change?
“The main reason behind the change is to improve the customer experience as the customer feedback we’ve had was that it wasn’t quite the same as before and when transitioning into a nightclub on Friday/Saturday it wasn’t the best dining experience, which is important to us”.

When is the Rendezvous due to re-open?
“We are expecting it to be re-open by the end of March. At the moment there is not an official date yet. We are waiting on builders to complete work, but we will let people know with good notice”.

What can customers expect from the new restaurant – has their been a refurbishment?
“Yes, there has been a full refurbishment, similar styling as previous but everything will be brand new in the restaurant including a brand new kitchen.

Customers can expect more themed nights, such as the popular £25 Bottomless Prosecco night on Tuesdays, which I can confirm will continue.

All of our experienced team will be going down from Tree to ensure consistent customer service is given”.

Will there be any changes to the menu/opening hours?
“The same opening hours will continue as they are and there will be same menu and services available”.

We ended our interview by speaking to Alan about Tree nightclub and what is likely to happen to the vacant space.

Over £1.5 million has been spent on the Tree to make it a premium location in Swindon and this will continue to operate as a nightclub on Friday and Saturday nights as it welcomes over 1,000 guests each weekend.

As for the vacant space left by Rendezvous moving, Alan is consulting his team and the public as to what will fill the space with. He’s asking you to tell him what Swindon needs, whether that’s a comedy night, wine bar, cocktail bar or live music.

From March, every first week of the month there will be a celebrity night. The first event was to to take place on Friday 2nd March, which was due to welcome ‘Made in Chelsea’ star Jamie Laing but was cancelled due to the adverse weather.

Joey Essex fans will be able to get up and close with him, as he is the confirmed guest for the celebrity night for April.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page over the next couple of weeks, as we’ll be asking for your opinion on what you think Swindon nightlife is missing.