Can you help support The Swindon Food Collective?

The Swindon Food Collective was formed by the previous volunteers of the Swindon Foodbank after the charity running it, Swindon Christian Community Projects, closed in June 2018.

Swindon Food Collective is an independent food bank feeding over 5,000 adults and children in the Swindon and surrounding area on a yearly basis

The Swindon Food Collective is offering local businesses the opportunity to declare their support for our work by having their logo displayed on either of our two vans.

The vans can be seen on the roads throughout the Borough and beyond and are used every day Monday to Friday and often at the weekends when Swindon Food Collective operates a supermarket collection.

Clare Collier, director says: “We are completely dependent on the generosity of local people as volunteers, donors of food and funds to ensure that we can continue to annually help over 5,000 people who find themselves in such a tough financial situation that they cannot put a meal on the table for their family”.

The Swindon Food Collective obtained charity status late November 2018 and both white Peugeot vans can now be seen sporting their new logo and livery. Clare continues: “The previous Swindon Foodbank had both vans donated to them and a number of local businesses declared their support by making a monthly donation to proudly have their logo on a van. We would now like to gain similar support for our work.”

Swindon Food Collective has opportunities for 8 businesses to have their logo on a van and in turn are asking for a donation of £100 per month on an ongoing basis. Clare says: “After having received some initial funding from Swindon Borough Council we now need to raise about £35,000 an annum to ensure that our service can continue to offer a life-line to local people in need. We are confident that 8 local businesses will want to stand shoulder to shoulder with all of our volunteers by helping us to cover a quarter of our running costs.”

Anyone wishing to support the Swindon Food Collective in this way is asked to contact the manager, Cher Smith on: 07932 108 732 or via e-mail: [email protected]. You can find out more information also at