How can you protect your takeaway business by taking out insurance?

Takeaway businesses were one of the few industries to thrive in the pandemic. As sit-in restaurants closed and other entertainment facilities shut their doors, a takeaway became one of the few luxuries we could still enjoy.

enjoying a takeaway

In major UK cities, you can get takeout from nearly any food or restaurant business in your area.

If you own a food business, you need takeaway insurance to keep you covered against the unexpected. You can be covered for food delivery activities, so you can run your business with as little hassle as possible.

Running a business comes with a whole host of trials and tribulations each day – take out insurance to lessen the number of challenges you encounter each day.

Be prepared for your food delivery insurance to cost more than standard car insurance. Delivery drivers are under time constraints and often drive during busy periods in the dark.

There are various types of takeaway insurance available, each catering to the specific needs of your business.

Adequate motor insurance

You need to ensure your drivers have the correct motor insurance to deliver food. It is against the law to drive without this insurance. Your business will be exposed to liability claims if your drivers cause injury or damage to third parties without insurance.

Before hiring a new delivery driver, always check they have proper motor insurance to carry out the job.

Never assume that your drivers have insurance on their own vehicle. Standard private motor insurance policies don’t always cover the business use of a vehicle. Insurance usually covers social, domestic and pleasure use.

Hire and reward insurance

When you hire a new delivery driver, always ask them to extend their private insurance policies with a hire and reward use.

This covers the driver when an item is delivered from one place to another for an agreed fee. The insurance provider needs to be aware that the driver is using their vehicle for business use.

Without the correct insurance extension, the insurance company will not cover you, and you will be at risk of prosecution.

Employer liability insurance

If you were previously just running a sit-in restaurant, you need to tell your employer’s liability insurance provider that you now deliver food as well.

Your policy provider can seek compensation from your business if they are not disclosed with the correct information.

You can often obtain employers liability insurance within your fast food takeaway insurance package.

Professional liability insurance

Professional liability insurance covers all damages which you may be responsible for, as well as damages caused by your employers, by buildings and premises and equipment.

Always check with your insurance provider to make sure your business and team are covered.