How to Unlock the Full Potential of a New Employee

It’s almost a truism that the most important components of any business are the employees that run the day-to-day operations.

young employee

In some cases, an employee will be able to hit the ground running, learn the job independently, and contribute to their fullest potential right from day one.

But these employees are in a minority; in most cases, a little bit of external prodding can be enormously beneficial. When this is done at the start of the new employee’s tenure, as part of a well-thought induction process, then the advantages are especially considerable.

So how might we help employees to unlock their fullest potential? Let’s take a look at some of the steps to take.

HR Management Software

The right HR management software will make it easier for your HR department to keep close tabs on your employees.

Because it makes it easier to perform a range of basic HR tasks, like logging data and performing appraisals, the right software package will make those tasks more likely to be done – and done competently. Less time spent wrestling with those tools means more time wielding them effectively.

Adapting Management Style

Not every individual will respond equally well to the same treatment. When put under pressure, some will thrive, while others might wilt.

Some might respond well to a conciliatory (if not literal) arm around the shoulder; others might appreciate distance, and being left to work on their own. It is important during the first few weeks and months after induction, that we get a good idea of which approach is best.

This is something that HR managers might be able to puzzle out through instinct – though mandating that new employees take personality tests might be beneficial.

Gather Feedback

Your new employees might have their own perspective on what will get the best from them. Moreover, they might have more general feedback from an outsider on what your business is doing.

A good HR professional will be able to get this out of them in a setting that’s relaxed and non-confrontational.

Team Building

While certain cliched types of team-building activity might inspire cringes, the truth is that many of them are highly effective in promoting cohesion and camaraderie.

If you only ever deal with a member of the finance department when there’s a money problem, then you’re likely to begin to dread the sight of their face – even if they’re perfectly pleasant.

A team-building activity, or weekend, might provide a social context that’s free from work pressures, where you’ll be able to build a relationship more easily.

If you can make the activity part of a fun weekend that the business is paying for, then your employees are likely to appreciate it more. If it feels like an additional work obligation, it’s likely to be resented.