Young filmmaker gets international recognition for short film



Young filmmaker Oliver Rogers has received international recognition for his short film ‘Full Disclosure’, spurring him to create a full feature film.

The 20 year old from Wiltshire who studied TV & Film Production at college decided that university wasn’t for him. He wanted to make films, not write about them. Since then he has been working on a variety of projects to build experience.

The young director based his first short film on interviews with a well know whistleblower in the UFO community.

On watching it UFO expert and Author Dr Michael E Salla said;

”An outstanding way of introducing the whistleblowers testimony to the world. Congratulations to Oliver Rogers, actors and crew for contributing to Full Disclosure. This short film should be submitted to the 2018 International UFO congress!”

On hearing the film, the whistleblower asked Oliver to extend the film so it could be shown at the ‘Contact in the Desert 2017’, the largest UFO convention in the USA.

Oliver did this with the help of his friends and professional filmmakers, which is when Doug Kirby of Shout Out Productions came on board. Part two was written, cast, shot and edited in under a month. It was then shown at the convention to an audience of over 1500 who applauded it.

The original film saw over 11,000 views on YouTube, with part two adding an additional 2600. You can watch the short film here. 

The support and positive comments the film has had, has persuaded Oliver and his team to create a full feature film which Oliver write and direct. The film will be a fictional narrative, but is inspired by real interviews from the online UFO community.

The feature film will be shot in a film noir style, but will be brought up to date using modern cameras  and a blisteringly cool underground British Hip Hop soundtrack by Eric the Red and Sean Peng of ‘Creatures of Habit’. The look and soundscape aim to add to the tense urgency and paranoia of the world the film is set in.

Oliver and team have announced that they have launched a funding campaign on Indiegogo to help raise money for the production of the film. You can get involved by contacting either Doug or Oliver, or going to their invest page here. 

To find out more about this project, follow the film on Facebook.