Swindon named as 8th least stressful place to live in the UK

Feeling some additional pressure recently?

You might just be a product of your environment. TotallyMoney looked at 16 stress-inducing factors across the country – such as finances, commute time, job opportunities and crime rates – to find the least and most-stressed towns and cities in the UK.

Analysing 16 different variables across employment, living costs, local demographics and wellbeing, the annual study sources data including ONS, TUC and Zoopla in addition to TotallyMoney.com’s UK eligibility scores and an independent OnePoll survey.

Swindon came in 45th position, out of the 52 towns and cities questioned in this survey, making it the 8th least stressful place to live in the UK.

You can view an interactive page, which allows you to explore the full data for Swindon and other towns and cities.

Among the strengths of Swindon in the latest findings are the high employment growth, short commute times to nearby major cities, such as London and Bristol; as well as low crime rates.

Amongst the negatives of Swindon, they found Swindon to be one of the most expensive towns to live in, in the UK, outside of the capital city.

Doncaster was named as the most stress-free place to live.

So, Swindon isn’t as bad of a place to live in as everybody makes out or they haven’t tried getting home from work at 5pm at the moment, which is it?