Swindon Hypnotherapist has Canadian Conference Mesmerized

Swindon-based hypnotherapist Helen Breward recently presented her groundbreaking work on relieving women’s menopause symptoms to the Canadian Hypnosis Conference.

Held in Burlington, just outside Toronto, the conference was well attended by hypnotherapists from Canada, America and the UK. The conference saw around 50 speakers, including Helen, present their work.

Helen has developed practical strategies to help menopausal women reduce the intensity, and even the frequency, of hot flushes. Says Helen ‘I help them to understand the trigger point for their symptoms and discuss with them how to change it.’

There was much interest in my presentation as no-one has before spoken about how to use hypnotherapy to help women get relief from their menopause symptoms. Helen commented: ‘my talk was well-attended and I received a great deal of positive feedback – both for my presentation itself and for my menopause relief programme.’

Internationally renowned British hypnotherapist, Sheila Granger, also presenting at the conference had this to say about Helen’s talk:

‘Helen gave a fantastic presentation at the Canadian conference, and her research into hypnosis for menopause relief was so well received. She will, without doubt, be invited to further conferences around the world.’

Flushed with the success of her presentation, Helen went on to say that hypnotherapy practitioners in Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand and here in the UK are now using her programme.

‘Conferences are a great way for therapists to teach each other new skills, share knowledge and keep up with professional development. I’m honoured to have been a part of this one’ said Helen.

Asked about her feelings on the experience Helen said: ‘it was fantastic. The conference and the people were so welcoming and friendly. In 2017 I definitely want to attend more conferences where I can present my work and get across the message hypnotherapy’s potential to bring welcome relief to the misery that can be the menopause for so many women.

Helen operates from Wood Street Wellbeing in Swindon’s Old Town and also Royal Wootton Bassett. She can be contacted on: 07561 544511 or email her at [email protected]

By Angela Atkinson – AA Editorial Services