North Swindon meeting called due to rise in Anti-Social Behaviour

A meeting has been called for Redhouse residents in North Swindon after a rise in anti-social behaviour.

Redhouse, North Swindon Meeting
Meeting called to discuss rise in anti-social behaviour

We have received reports of many different types of anti-social behaviour in North Swindon recently, ranging from plant pots being chucked over roads and front doors being kicked in, in the middle of the night.

There have been numerous reported thefts in North Swindon recently, ranging from bikes, dog/cats and household items.

Hand prints and oily finger prints have also been found on back doors and garage handles.

As you can see, there has recently been a lot of anti-social behaviour occurring in this area, which is why a meeting has been called for local residents.

The meeting will be held tomorrow, 26 October between 7.30pm – 9pm and will be held at the community centre.

Local residents are encouraged to attend to discuss recent issues with officers and councillors to forge a plan going forward.