Eastcott HMO Application Rejected

Eastcott Councillor Paul Dixon has welcomed a Council decision to refuse permission for a planning application to convert the shop and flat at 57 Eastcott Road (the old Stanwells shop) in to a house of multiple occupation. Councillor Dixon has previously referred to developers seeking to squeeze as much money out of Eastcott properties as they can, dismissing the local impact.

The Council’s reasons for the refusal of planning permission was:

  1. The proposed development by virtue of the additional activity associated with the intensification of use is likely to give rise to an unacceptable impact upon the amenity of nearby residential properties.
  1. The proposal does not provide acceptable cycle or waste provision and this will have an adverse impact upon local highway conditions and upon the amenity of nearby residential properties.

 The planning application reference number is: S/17/0809. Any proposals for HMOs with 7 or more persons requires planning permission.

Councillor Paul Dixon said:

“This is great news and I congratulate the planning department for taking a strong approach on this application. The applicant failed to demonstrate where their future tenants would park as the property would only qualify for a maximum of two parking permits and there is already high demand for parking in that area.

The application was also massively overstretching the capacity of this property. To cram so many people in to such a small property was not appropriate, nor fair to neighbours of the property.

If the property owner in the future wishes to convert the property in to a home more in keeping and consistent with the local area I think this would be popular amongst local residents. Nobody wants empty properties in their area. However squeezing as much money out of properties as possible and disregarding the impact this will have on neighbours will not be acceptable to the local community.”