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The war in Ukraine has not subsided for a long time. The scale of destruction and the humanitarian situation in the country is very catastrophic. People are desperate. Millions are fleeing. Children and families need help, both acutely and long-term. War cruelly and mercilessly hits the people. According to estimates, the conflict-affected 18 million Ukrainians — almost half of the entire country’s population.

More than 4.9 million people have already fled abroad, more than 2.8 million to Poland and another 2.5 million to various Eastern European countries. In addition, about 7.1 million people are fleeing within Ukraine. According to estimates, about half of the refugees are children. That is why the work of the international charitable foundation is so important now.

The situation is currently highly catastrophic. Shelling and bombing do not stop. Thousands of civilians were killed or injured. Infrastructure, hospitals, and other public facilities were destroyed. In disputed areas, many people endure terrible conditions in bomb shelters. Electricity and water supplies are disappearing, food is becoming scarce, and the situation with medical care is getting worse. There is an increased risk of infectious diseases in overcrowded and emergency refugee shelters, including Covid-19. Many children and adults also suffer from the psychological effects of violence and escape. Therefore, it is simply impossible to do without the help of a charitable organisation.

Children’s charity fund Parimatch Foundation

Employees of the “Children’s charity fund Parimatch Foundation” help children and families affected by this terrible armed conflict, carrying out extensive support measures. First, this charitable foundation’s help is aimed at children’s access to sports and improving their health through sports. Humanitarian aid organisation charitable started several years ago.

Immediately after the start of the war, people needed the following help:

  • Transportation to safe areas;
  • Living in rented housing or specialised facilities for displaced persons.
  • Food and necessary supplies.
  • Aid.
  • Psychosocial support after stress and shock.

Aid measures must be constantly adapted to the changing situation. In addition to immediate assistance, long-term support is also provided to affected families. For example, the children’s charity fund Parimatch Foundation contributed by providing professional assistance to children. This charitable organisation wants every child to have access to sports and be healthy.

After the start of the war, the evacuation of children and families began immediately. One charitable organisation can cooperate to help as many people as possible. Children’s charity fund Parimatch Foundation has already been able to support thousands of children who fled within Ukraine. The evacuation is still ongoing. The goal of any organisation charitable is to help as much as possible in this catastrophic situation. Every organisation charitable wants all children to grow up without fear and hatred. But above all, they were healthy and happy.

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