How You Can Save Money On Cabin Luggage

Traveling need not be costly, but we all want to have that extra money to bring on the trip.

That’s why we tend to save up as early as six months prior, and we save on things such as dinner outings and new outfits.

An adult carrying luggage
An adult carrying luggage

But the good thing is, we can also save on additional airline fees such as excess cabin luggage.

First things first.

Once you book a flight to your destination, make sure to check the baggage allowance as free baggage weight differs per airline carrier.

This article will give you a few tips on how you can save on your cabin luggage so you’ll have more money to buy souvenirs for your family. 

  1. Pick out your bag or luggage wisely.

Again, different strokes for different folks or in this case, airlines. Some airlines have specific size restrictions for carry-on luggage.

So before packing up for your trip, no matter how excited you are to bring those bikinis with you, make sure you are aware of the airline’s guidelines. 

It might be a good idea to use a backpack for a carry-on instead of a suitcase. If you are one of those great packers who can shove up to 5 pairs of jeans in a small bag, then chances are what you can fit in a suitcase, you can also fit in a backpack.

Backpacks usually pass the airline personnel easier than suitcases wherein the latter is shoved into the baggage weighing scale to ensure that it doesn’t exceed weight.  

  1. Be ready to layer on your outfits. 

Sometimes no matter how much we try to trim down our outfit count for the trip, we still exceed the weight restriction. So, if in case your luggage suddenly exceeds the limit, go to the comfort room and prepare to say goodbye to your Instagrammable outfits for now.

Prepare to layer on your outfits, as airlines do not consider the weight of the passenger, so you could;

  1. Wear a couple of sleeveless tops or shirts beneath your cardigan.
  2. Wear leggings underneath your jeans or trousers.

These couple of items are sure to lessen the weight of your luggage upon check-in. Don’t worry, you can always remove these clothes once you are aboard your plane, and you can go back to wearing your cute and Instagrammable outfit after.

  1. Pack wisely.

This may be easier said than done. Understandably you would want to bring as many outfits as you can so you have different looks for your photos.

But you might prefer bringing clothes you can mix and match. Instead of bringing five jeans and ten tops, you can go with 3 pairs of jeans that match with all those tops.

Or if you are going to the sunny part of the world, you might consider packing on shorts and skirts instead of jeans as jeans are heavier than those two.

Moreover, if you are not the sensitive type, you may opt to buy your toiletries at your destination. Shampoo and body wash bottles are heavy, but these things you can buy at any store when you reach your destination.