Popular Podiatrist returns to Swindon Town Centre

Those who need help looking after their feet will be relieved to hear that a popular podiatrist has returned to Swindon Town Centre.

Nina Shilova, who used to be based at Shurpody in The Brunel Plaza, has opened her own practice, Professional Footcare, on the first floor of The Brunel Arcade.

During her time at the Shurpody store Nina, who hails from Russia, built up many loyal customers.  When Shurpody closed earlier this year, many customers were upset to lose her.  This lead Nina, who lives in Bristol, to decide to open her own practice in Swindon and to return to The Brunel Shopping Centre.  Nina said: “I’m really pleased to be back working in Swindon and to have welcomed back many of my previous customers.  The new shop is going really well.  Staff at The Brunel shopping centre have been great in assisting me in setting up here and it’s really nice to see some familiar faces and to meet lots of new ones too”.

Nina decided to open her own podiatry practice because she recognised that with an ageing population there is a growing demand for private professional foot care services.  Nina said: “Some foot care services are available on the NHS but as with many NHS services the wait times can be long.  Some of my clients have significant difficulties with their feet and it can affect their walking and quality of life so they are deciding to pay for professional foot care themselves”.

However, podiatry services are not only for the elderly.  Nina is keen to point out that many of her clients are younger but are suffering with stubborn verruca, in-growing toenails, injuries or foot pain.  Nina believes that many people who struggle with foot problems delay seeking help purely because they are embarrassed by the state of their feet.  Nina said: “People should never be embarrassed.  I see all sorts of foot problems and no matter how bad your feet are I have probably seen much worse!  The longer foot problems are left the worse they will get so, I urge people to seek help when they first need it and not put up with pain and difficulties just because of embarrassment. I’m not easily shocked!”

Professional Footcare is situated on the first floor of The Brunel Arcade, near to the car park entrance and House of Fraser.  Appointments can be made by telephoning 01793 671283 or in person with receptionists Jackie and Charlotte at 50 Brunel Arcade. Nina Shilova is a member of both HCPC (Health Care Professional Council) and The Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists