One in four Swindon five year olds have tooth decay

Experts have revealed that more than a quarter five-year-old children in Swindon have experienced tooth decay. On average three of their baby teeth are either decayed, missing or have fillings in them.

The figures come as Swindon Borough Council’s Public Health team prepare for National Smile Month to raise awareness of dental hygiene and promote good oral health among Swindon residents.

Research also shows that six in 10 adults in Swindon have experienced gum disease, a condition where the gums become swollen, sore or infected and can lead to tooth loss.

Consultant in Public Health Medicine, Dr Ayo Oyinloye said: “Tooth extractions is one of the most common reasons children are admitted for dental surgery in Swindon.

“Taking care of your teeth and those of your family needs to start from an early age, so it is important that children learn how to brush their teeth properly, avoid sugary foods and visit their dentist regularly, starting when their first tooth comes through.”

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums can prevent many common conditions including tooth decay and gum disease.

Brushing your teeth once in the daytime and before bed with a fluoride toothpaste, cutting down on sugary foods and drinks and visiting the dentist regularly can all help to improve your oral health.

National Smile Month, which runs from Monday 14 May until Thursday 14 June 2018, was launched by the Oral Health Foundation in a bid to promote good oral health across the country.

More information on good oral hygiene, including how to spot signs of gum disease and looking after children’s teeth, is available at the NHS Choices website:

The Oral Health Foundation also provides further advice on dental health on its website:

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