Health Conscious Baby Boomers Now Overtaking Millennials

There’s no denying that, within the media, there is a considerable amount of pressure on the younger generation to make conscious efforts to change their diet, exercise regime, and overall lifestyle.

It’s become something of a Millennial trend, one which sees Instagram
flooded with the latest recipes and photos of those in workout gear in the gym.

However, this media scrutiny and oversharing social nature the younger generation is famed for is not showing the full picture, as the recent survey from Portafina has shed light upon.

The results, taken from a pot of 2,000 people, split evenly over both the over 50s and the
under 30s age groups, are rather enlightening, especially in regards to just how active each
generation is.

In contrast to what is widely believed, it’s only an astounding 16% of under-30’s which
recognise the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

As Portafina suggests, could this low percentage be attributed to the “invincibility mentality” young people have?

It’s no secret that the younger generation favoured the mantra “you only live once” or ‘YOLO,’ and although this trend was a few years back when it swept social media, it’s one which is stuck around, for all generations.

Additionally, there are theories, which stretch beyond the ‘YOLO’ trend as to why younger
people live their life without concrete plans for retirement and pensions, for example.

One such theory states that the frontal lobe of the brain in those under 30 has not been fully developed yet.

It’s this underdeveloped frontal lobe which contributes towards the belief that
nothing bad will happen, which ties directly into healthy living.

After all, if you don’t recognise the importance of living healthily, as a part of your lifestyle which will prevent disease, injury, and damaging conditions, why would you take steps to improve it?

On the other hand, while the under-30s are striving to live their life not thinking about health complaints, Generation Z are heavily focused on healthy living.

Portafina discovered that more than a third (35%) of Gen Z respondents asked aged 16-19 expected a pension as standard with their first job.

This emerging generation are one which takes staying healthy, living as healthy as possible, and increasing their overall wellbeing extremely seriously.

In fact, they believe that confidence is much more important than the shape of your body.
Add to this the figures which state teens aged 15-17 years old actively worry about staying
healthy, with 49% agreeing that certain food and drink, such as drinking soda, is unhealthy.

What’s more, the changing social conscious has shifted from focusing entirely on physical
health to include the ever-important mental health, and this is something Gen Z is helping
bring to the forefront of conversation.

What can be agreed, after reading the Portafina survey, is that its time for every generation to take the steps to become more active, improving their physical and mental health at the same time.

With health and mental well-being now tied so closely together, there has never
been a better time to get your body, mind, and savings in shape.

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