Top tips for climbing the recruitment career ladder

Recruitment is an industry that’s always moving on and (rather aptly) always accepting new recruits.

How to grow your career

There will always be people looking for work and there will always be roles that need to be filled, so it’s an industry that will always be there, particularly in a post-coronavirus world, when so many people will be looking to get back on their feet.

However, getting into recruitment is not as straightforward as it once might have been. Here, we’ll be offering up some top tips for those hoping to get into recruitment with little or no experience.

It’s all about making an impression on that first rung of the ladder and you’ll only do that by:-

Building relationships

Thanks to the internet and social media platforms such and LinkedIn and Facebook, it’s never been easier to build relationships from a distance.

Ensure you have a decent grasp of all major social media channels and all major shifts in recruitment culture.

Right now, for example, video conferencing is becoming more common in recruitment due to COVID-19 related social distancing measures.

Also, demonstrate your communications skills and your ability to manage relationships between yourself, clients and candidates and you’ll soon see your relationships building in both number and profundity.

Getting your name out there

Whilst this could fall quite neatly into the “building relationships” category, getting your name circulated is a little less specific than developing long-lasting relationships.

It might sound a little old fashioned but one of the best things you can do when starting out is to print some good old fashioned business cards.

Sending out a bespoke business card will really put you ahead of the pack.

Developing your negotiating ability

Negotiation is one of the most important tools in any recruiters toolbox. You’ll not only be negotiating client terms and conditionings but will also be negotiating salaries and offers with candidates, so you have to know how to act as an effective intermediary and be able to create solutions for both sides of the aisle.

Being able to help both clients and candidates arrive at a deal that works for them both is a tricky balance to strike but a necessary one if you hope to be an effective recruitment consultant.

Thinking about your career post COVID-19

With the world very much in turmoil right now due to the coronavirus pandemic, many more people have started working from home.

This means the recruitment consultants of the future will need to be schooled in how to deal with remote workers. This even relates to knowing what to say to clients and candidates.

Instantprint, a printing company with a product range including business cards, posters and now COVID-19 essentials conducted a survey of 1,000 individuals relating to working from home.

They found that 28.7% hated the acronym “WFH” and 35.5% missed the human interaction of working at the office more than anything else. These are facts you could use to your advantage in becoming a top recruitment consultant in years to come.