3 Digital Ways to Boost Your Business’s Online Reputation

Your business’s website is one of the most influential tools that you have for growing your business. It is important that it provides the visitors with a true reflection of the values that drive your company. Your website and every aspect of your business’s digital representation should be managed in a way that enhances your brand and develops a strong positive reputation which in turn builds on customer engagement and loyalty. Here are 3 digital ways to boost your online reputation.

1.   Reviews

The best way to develop a good online reputation is to have positive reviews from past customers. The only way to achieve these is by providing a service or products that satisfy the customer requirements. People are rarely compelled to leave reviews unless prompted to do so, but there are things that you can do to encourage them. One of the most effective ways to encourage customers to leave a review is to send them personalised e-mail with a clear call to action. You can further inspire them by giving incentives such as a discount for future purchases for their review.

No business can provide 100% customer satisfaction, and you must be prepared for some negative feedback. If customers are unhappy with the goods or services that you have provided, they will use the review system to vent their dissatisfaction. While not ideal, negative feedback can be used to showcase excellent customer service and an opportunity to demonstrate how you value your customers.

2.   Associations

In the quest for strengthening your brand, you will be keen to increase your business’s exposure online. However, not all associations are necessarily positive. You need to manage how and where your brand is marketed to ensure that the business’s reputation remains intact.

Not only is this important for being able to focus on your defined target audience, but it’s important regarding the website’s ranking position on search engines. Any backlinks to the website are used by the search engine bots to determine the quality and authority of your website. It’s a fine balance between increasing visibility and retaining your business’s online reputation. A digital agency such as Click Intelligence can create a marketing campaign that increases your business’s exposure to a targeted audience through organic search while ensuring a healthy backlink profile and domain authority.

You must also pay attention to associations that you have on your social media profiles. Always be mindful that customers may not share your political or religious opinions; keep focused on the business and avoid controversy.

3.   Security

Cybercrime is a very real threat to businesses of all sizes; none are exempt. It can take a matter of minutes for hackers to compromise your website and gather the critical data that they are seeking, but it can take months for a company to restore its reputation.

You must ensure that your website is secure, especially if it is an e-commerce website. If you fail to make adequate security steps, you risk harming your business’s future for the long term. If your business experiences a data breach, you lose the trust of current and potential customers.

Your business’s online reputation needs to be carefully managed to boost your brand. Ask your customers for feedback, and always respond to it – the good and the bad! Your marketing campaigns should be orchestrated to increase exposure but in a controlled manner that enhances your brand’s reputation, and you must ensure that you protect your business and customers from a cyberattack.