Innovative Forex Solutions for Startups and SMEs 



There’s no denying that startups and SMEs face a different set of challenges to larger corporations. The changing economic landscape and evolving political affairs mean there are endless factors that can play a role in how well businesses of this size operate.  

With the cost of living holding back UK small businesses, it’s worthwhile for startups and SMEs to think outside the box. Recently, there’s been an increasing amount of interest in innovative forex solutions, as this area can offer a whole new set of advantages. Saving money is hugely important to SMEs, especially in the earlier stages, so a fresh take on how processes can be refined is always valuable.  

Many small and medium-sized enterprises are using foreign exchange markets to deal with foreign payments. It can also be used to convert funds from one currency to another. Here’s what you need to know.  

The roles of fintech and forex trading 

Fintech is essentially ‘financial technology’. It allows SMEs and other businesses to tap into user-friendly services, customisation and cost reduction. For this reason, fintech can be leveraged for many purposes in business.  

The forex market is essentially a global marketplace that dictates foreign exchange rates for every currency. Traders can buy, sell and exchange currencies as they wish.  

Opening a multi-currency account can help businesses save money when it comes to foreign exchange services and currency conversion. This can be advantageous for SMEs as banks tend to charge high fees in this area. 

Meanwhile, if you engage in forex trading using a reputable platform, the likelihood is that you’ll get more of a feel for the types of exchange rates that are more favourable. It will also give you a greater understanding of lower fees. Fintech can also help make the forex trading experience run more smoothly.  

Hedging instruments 

Startups and SME’s could also look into forex hedging instruments that can protect against currency volatility. 

Hedging is a well-known term in the world of forex and it means you can protect a position in a currency pair, therefore reducing the risk of making a loss. One strategy involves taking an opposite position in the same currency pair, while the second requires buying puts and similar options. The latter is best if you’re holding a long position in a currency. Although forex hedging is a short-term option to help protect your investments, it can be worthwhile.  

Reviewing software 

Routinely reviewing software can be invaluable when it comes to saving money as an SME. The same goes for any analytical tools used across the business. This way, you can make informed decisions, particularly when importing or exporting goods.  

This means choosing reputable forex brokers and platforms with a good set of functions designed to help the trading experience. These might include risk management functions, past data and analysis tools. You may even have the chance to run demos to get a feel for how a particular site operates.  

The role of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies 

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is not reliant on a central authority. It acts as a digital asset that exists on a network spread across computers. The decentralised make-up of crypto means it can’t be interfered with by governments and central authorities Examples include Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

The structure in which crypto exists means that there’s no need for banks and similar bodies, which in turn reduces transaction costs that arise when there are transfers across borders. In other words, blockchain technology, including cryptocurrencies, can be used to simplify international payments. 

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