6 Alternative Things to Try in London

Most people visiting London will have a long list of popular attractions they want to visit. The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, The National Gallery, The Victoria and Albert Museum and The Tower of London are sights that feature in most guidebooks. However, what if you’re looking to do something a little different? Not surprisingly, there are a wealth of alternative things you can do as well; here are just 6 of them.

  1. London’s Ghost Tube Stations

Anyone visiting London is sure to visit one or two tube stations during their stay, but did you realise there are many abandoned tube stations that can still be visited today? These ‘ghost stations’ lie below the streets of London and occasionally there are special tours for the general public. The London Transport Museum holds a Hidden London event that includes tours of some of these stations.

  1. Sail the Regent’s Canal

For most people, a boat trip along the Thames is a bucket list thing to do, but for a more relaxed journey, you should try a trip along the Regent’s Canal. It stretches more than 8 miles, and the London Waterbus Company runs 50-minute trips between Little Venice and Camden. Sit back and relax on board an original narrowboat and take in the sights that include London Zoo’s giraffe enclosures and aviary, splendid waterside mansions and quaint houseboats. If you’re feeling a little more energetic, there’s also a 90-minute guided kayak tour.

  1. Out of the Ordinary Cinema Screenings

Leicester Square is the most popular spot for anyone looking for a cinema. There is, however, another side to London’s cinema scene that doesn’t include outrageous prices and soulless arenas. There are some very quirky cinemas in London, one of which is Soho’s Prince Charles Cinema. If you fancy singing along to classic movies such as Dirty Dancing and Grease, this is where you need to head!

  1. God’s Own Junkyard

Chris Bracey took over a salvage yard in Walthamstow to showcase his neon art. Pieces on display range from signage for Soho sex clubs to pieces used in Hollywood blockbusters such as Captain America and Byzantium. When you’ve finished taking in the glitzy displays, you can head over to the Rolling Scones café for a bite to eat and something to drink.

  1. House of Dreams

Inside a perfectly ordinary looking home in East Dulwich, an artist is currently in the process of covering the walls with kitschy mosaics. Stephen Wright is turning trash into treasure, and he opens his door to the public for just a few days every year.

  1. Eating in the Dark

It is said that enjoying food is not just about appearance. Taste, texture and smell all come into play, and you can put this to the test by dining at an unusual restaurant aptly named Dans le Noir. When you’re eating your food in complete darkness, you have to rely on senses other than sight. However, for information about London’s culinary delights and more, visit www.mrhudsonexplores.com.

Next time you visit London, don’t feel obliged to take in the usual sites! Try these and experience another side to the city.