“You put lives at risk by parking on the path” says near-miss witness

A man has raised serious concerns after witnessing a near-miss between a young girl and a vehicle due to bad parking in Old Walcot.

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A resident, in his 40s, who does not wish to be named, told us what he witnessed.

“I was walking along Cumberland Road in Old Walcot when I noticed a young girl in the middle of the road. She had no choice, due to a car being parked on the pavement, like it always is. It is regularly parked here.

“A car came around the corner, and nearly collided with her. Luckily the driver wasn’t going too fast and noticed her as soon as she came into view, and braked sharply.

“The outcome could have been much worse. There are some really bad drivers on the road – it only takes a one speeding driver or someone not concentrating on driving and the little girl could have ended up in a hospital bed – or worse.

“You put lives at risk by parking on the path.”

A spokesperson for Wiltshire Police said: “We work closely with the council’s parking enforcement department on parking issues.

“In this case we could issue a fixed penalty ticket and, if the car was left as an obstruction for any length of time, we could have it towed away.

“We would urge drivers to always be considerate when parking their cars and not to obstruct the road or pavement.”