Women distracted while couple try to steal buggy with baby in

A woman has been left in shock after a couple attempted to steal her bag and then run off with her buggy – while her baby was in it, it is claimed.

Victim Jo Wright says the couple followed her from Regent Square in Swindon town centre, through the town and to Lloyds Bank on Regent Street, where the terrifying incident took place at around 3.45pm yesterday, Thursday 19 November.

Outside Lloyds Bank, Regent Street, Swindon
Outside Lloyds Bank, Regent Street, Swindon

She reports that a woman stole her bag, running away with it. Jo gave chase, and admits to ‘lashing out’, punching the women as a reaction to what was happening.

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She tells Swindon 24 that in the drama that a man appeared and attempted to run away with her buggy – in which her four-month-old child was in at the time.

A passerby heroically jumped on the back of the man, who was eager to get away with her friend’s buggy, to stop him in his tracks.

It is unsure as to whether this was an attempted abduction at this stage, but victim Jo says “It was attempted abduction in my eyes, they went to take my child.”

It is believed that the couple were of Indian decent, and aged late-20s to early-30s. A description of the pair is expected to follow shortly.

A spokesperson from Wiltshire Police said: “Our enquiries are on-going and we are appealing for witnesses to this.” Anyone that witnessed the incident are asked to call the police on 101 to report what they saw.