Was this collision at Bruce Street Bridges a ‘crash for cash’?

Could this road traffic collision be a ‘crash for cash’, or was it just an accident?

CCTV footage, which is recording the front of the Visual Security Management store at Bruce Street Bridges, captured this two-car smash yesterday afternoon, 17 March:

The video shows a black Volvo slamming on it’s breaks at the busy junction for no visually obvious reason, in turn, the driver of a Volkswagen hit his vehicle.

This has left one business owner puzzled. Danny Wilson, of Visual Security Management, said: “Just witnessed a really suspicious accident at the Bruce Street Bridges. [The driver] has no reason to slam on his brakes where he has.”

The ‘crash for cash’ scam is very common across Europe, leaving Danny, wondering if the collision was exactly that.

Crimestoppers say that the national scam, whereby criminals are orchestrating accidents to make fraudulent insurance claims, is worth roughly £400m a year.

Wiltshire Police say that they have no record of the incident.

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