Vets warn dog owners to avoid muddy walks and wash their dogs

Vets are warning dog owners to avoid muddy walks and wash their dogs as a precaution following recent suspected Alabama Rot cases.


Purton Veterinary Group has been treating a suspected case of the deadly disease, but have announced that the dog is now on the mend.

“The news is good and she appears to have avoided the kidney failure that often follows the sores on the skin”, they announced on social media.

Though, just before Christmas, the group publicly warned dog owners to stop walking their dogs in all woodlands. Now vets want to put the risk of Alabama Rot into perspective.

They added: “It is important given the growing concern of dog owners to keep the risk in perspective. Remember this is a rare disease with an estimated 100 cases in 3 years.

“Millions of dogs walk in the countryside every day.”

The animal firm have released new advice, they said: “Avoiding very muddy walks (often an issue in woodland) is a precaution as is washing mud off after a walk.

“The skin lesions of affected dogs can vary in appearance. If the hair is shaved off the surrounding skin then you will often see a red reaction around the wound.

“If you find unexplained wounds or ulcers on the legs, belly or face and tongue, then see your vet for advice. Most wounds will not be Alabama Rot.”