Typo in police warning about swearing ironically includes swear word

An ironic typo in Chippenham Police’s status update warning people not to use swear words on their Facebook page has shocked some of their 3,300 followers.


The town’s Neighbourhood Policing Team┬áposted the status at 2.24pm today, saying: “Please do not swear on the Chippenham Police Page. I have to hide your comments because anyone can follow us including children. Discuss tw*t you want as long as you’re not too offensive and don’t post the person’s name until he is charged, i.e. leave it to me.”

Two of their Facebook followers were soon to point out the typo.

Louise Merritt wrote: “Ummmm you may want to check that!!”, while Staci King saw the funny side, adding: “You might want edit that… lol”.

The force updated the word to ‘what’ shortly after it was pointed out.