News reports of three dead in local street racing crash are FAKE

A fake news report stating that three people have died following a street-racing collision in Swindon has gone viral on social media.

Screenshot 2015-12-31 at 18.08.43 - Display 2
A screenshot of the fake news website, Prime News

A fake news website, Prime News, posted the report this New Year’s Eve, 31 December, stating that three people had died and two had been injured in a collision.

The news story has been shared across social media today, prompting dozens of people to contact Swindon 24 to find what was going on.

Visitors to the website are confronted with a huge box, telling them to click it to read the story. The owners of the website receive a small payment per click-through.

A similar website posted a news story titled ‘3 dead, 7 injured. Man arrested following shooting in Swindon’, again, worrying residents, back in October.

Having carried out research, we can confirm that this incident did not take place.