News of Swindon terrorist attack false, Wiltshire Police confirm

News reports of a “brutal terrorist attack by ISIS” in Swindon are false, as you may have gathered by the lack of panic across the town.

The fake news website, Newtabi

Thousands of residents shared a link to a website, over the last 24 hours, which claims that a terrorist attack happened in Swindon.

Police are advising people not to visit the website.

A spokesperson for Wiltshire Police said: “Wiltshire Police have been made aware of a post on Facebook stating that there has been a terrorist attack in Swindon and people have died. This is not true!

“This message has a link to a website that contains a false news article. The site also contains a virus that is downloaded onto your computer. If you see this article please comment on it informing people this is a scam but do not open it.”