Ten things you didn’t know about Swindon Borough Council

Swindon Borough Council has taken part in #OurDay, a yearly tweetathon for local government, here are the top ten things we found out:

1. Council food hygiene officers have carried out 114 inspections in the last 3 months, with 20 businesses achieving the top hygiene rating.

2. The council employs 15 lollipop men and women on Swindon’s roads, helping the borough’s children get to and from school safely.

Swindon Borough Council's Civic Offices, Euclid Street
Swindon Borough Council’s Civic Offices, Euclid Street

3. In the last 6 months, the council’s fraud team has recovered six properties and stopped five right to buy applications as a result of their investigations.

4. 45% of stray dogs found by the council’s warden in 2014/15 were microchipped.

5. The council employ 400 temporary staff to help on election days.

6. There are over 25,000 street lamps across the borough, which comes with a hefty electricity bill of £1.2million per year.

7. Since April 2015, the council has approved 45 Community Grants, totalling £25,453 – encouraging small groups to build their communities.

8. In the last seven years, Conservative-led Swindon Borough Council has delivered over £100million of on-going annual savings.

9. Since the Kingsdown Crematorium opened in April 1966 there have been 82,025 cremations there, with 1,786 taking place this year so far.

10. The council have 152 foster carer households in the borough – they currently provide care for 268 young people.