Teenager quits Spitfire Cafe job due to ‘incredibly racist managers’

Teenager Jade Menham felt she had no choice but to resign from her job due to her managers’ attitude towards anyone that wasn’t white British.

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Warning: This story contains content that some readers may find upsetting.

The 19-year-old worked for Spitfire Cafe, on South Marston Industrial Estate, on-and-off since September 2015 as a casual member of staff while studying at college.

Jade claims that cafe owner Lesley and manager Sally are incredibly rude and often racist about, and to the faces of, customers that are not white British.

The concerned waitress told Swindon 24 that she resigned from her job following a conversation about her and her Caribbean partner having a ‘nigglet babies’.

She claims that manager Sally said: “I already have one nigglet grandchild, why would I want another one”, and an unnamed member of staff replied: “But if you had a mixed race baby, you’d love it just the same”.

Allegedly, owner Lesley replied: “No we wouldn’t, why would you want a nigglet baby.”

Jade says, at this point, she had to walk out of the room.

“I had to walk out the room, they have actually met my boyfriend, and know that I have mixed race family. It was incredibly upsetting.”

She resigned from her job, on Friday, 15 April, sending the following text message:

“Hi Lesley, I could not be any happier to tell you I will not be stepping foot in your cafe again, I refuse to work with such pathetic, ignorant, racist people.

“I am still trying to figure out how you have ran a business for over 10 years with the disgusting attitude you have towards people because of the colour of their skin or ethnicity, if your customers heard the things you said about them you would be out of business in no time. I am saddened that I have allowed myself to be around such narrow minded people for this long and watched the way you treat your staff with so little respect.”

On Monday, 18 April, Spitfire Cafe declined to comment on the allegations.