Swindon’s population is ‘blended like a cheap whisky’ – apparently

A recently rebranded reviews website, featuring Britain’s worst places to live, has caused quite a stir with its latest post about Swindon.

Havelock Square
Havelock Square, Swindon town centre

According to I Live Here’s Facebook page, with 1,500 ‘likes’, all posts about towns and cities are “reviewed by those who live there”.

In one post, a resident wrote: “With a population blended, like a cheap whisky, from the genes of navvies, railway workers and the dross London didn’t want, you’d expect a bit of chav to creep in here and there – and you won’t be disappointed.”

Adding: “Now there’s one simple rule in Swindon; pikey begins with a “P”, and so do the places where they live. Park North, Park South, Pinehurst and Penhill.

“What an ingenious piece of subersive town planning. Unfortunately they’re not content to stay in their ghettos full-time so the town centre is full of the critters in their white baseball caps with their 14-year old partners and their horrible little offspring.”

You can read the full post on I Live Here’s website here.

The website has caused a stir, with many sharing links to the post, along with their views of disgust. Although, others say: “This is absolutely spot-on”.

You’ll be pleased to know that Swindon didn’t make it into their top ten worst places to live in England, alongside Bradford and Hull.