Swindon’s Matt Fiddes holds self-defence class for supermodel Caprice

Supermodel and businesswoman Caprice has hired Michael Jackson’s former bodyguard, Matt Fiddes, for a self-defence class after a safety scare.

44-year-old Caprice and Swindon-born Matt Fiddes, 36, met through Michael Jackson at a private party many years ago.

Following the safety scare in which Caprice and her two sons – Jax and Jett – were surrounded by youths on bicycles near her home before they were scared off by a dog walker, she hired the high-profile athlete to protect her family on a weekly basis.

A source told the MailOnline: “While Caprice was initially shook up by the experience, she’s a fierce woman and won’t be intimidated. Straight away she was in contact with Matt for self-defense lessons.

“She strongly believes every woman should be given self-defense lessons, it could be a life saver.”

The model-turned-entrepreneur invested her own money in her brand By Caprice in 2006 – a brand that has become a huge success.

It is rumoured that Caprice is visiting Swindon over the coming weeks.