“Stop walking your dogs in ALL woodlands” warns veterinary practice

A Swindon veterinary practice is warning the public to stop walking their dogs in the woods, in light of more suspected Alabama Rot cases.

Dog walker

Purton Veterinary Group said: “We have seen our first patient with suspected Alabama Rot. The dog was walked in three different areas of Swindon and developed the typical skin lesions. She is doing well and is being closely monitored at the moment.

“The areas of concern include the woods at the polo ground near Coate Water, Stratton Woods and Lydiard Park.

“It’s impossible to say where she picked this up and there is no simple test to confirm this diagnosis. Our advice is to stop walking your dogs in all woodlands.”

This news comes days after Drove Veterinary Surgery confirmed that one dog has been put to sleep, and another three are receiving treatment for suspected Alabama Rot.