Schoolgirl grabbed by man who tried to kiss her in Gorse Hill

A 15-year-old girl, on her way home from school, was grabbed by a man who attempted to kiss her in broad daylight on Thursday.

The schoolgirl, who we cannot name, was approached by a man on a bicycle near to the Beatrice Street entrance of St Mark’s Recreation Ground in Gorse Hill.

Arial view: St. Marks Recreation Ground - credit: Google Maps
Aerial view: St Mark’s Recreation Ground – credit: Google Maps

He came up to her and grabbed her wrist in an attempt to kiss her. His victim luckily managed to fight him off and ran home, which is nearby.

The incident took place at around 3.45pm on 12 November.

The man is described to be of Asian decent, five-foot eight-inches in height, of slim build with black short but tight curly hair. He was wearing a white collared shirt with blue jeans and white trainers.

Speaking to Swindon 24, the girl’s father, Luciano said: “It was really difficult for me – my daughter rang me while I was at work and told me a man was following her, she said that I needed to stay on the phone to her.

“I stayed on the phone to reassure her while she ran home. I then left work when I knew she was safe. I left in the middle of a shift at Honda, but I had to get home.

“I felt helpless. I couldn’t do anything. I just prayed that she’d get home safe.

“She’s taken the whole incident pretty well. She’s a brave girl. She used her head throughout this, to get home safe and write down a description of the man.”

Wiltshire Police van and car
Wiltshire Police van and car

Police officers were immediately called to the incident, via 999, and they attended to hunt for the man straight away.

The girl’s father tells us that the police officers “took a swab from her wrist” where he had grabbed her, and they will be going to Gablecross later today to create an e-fit of the man.

We have contacted Wiltshire Police for a comment on this incident and we will update the story as soon as we have it.