Recruitment agency sorry for new employee’s Facebook advert

A recruiter who called Swindon people ‘toothless c**ts’ on Facebook trying to recruit drivers has been reprimanded by her employer.

National recruitment agency Clarico, which is trying to hire staff in the Swindon area, has apologised to local people after their new employee offended most of the town.

Clarico (1)
The offending post on Facebook

The employee wrote on Facebook: “Step up step up I need some van drivers , licence, some sort of brain n at least one tooth required after all it is Swindon I’m recruiting in!!

Swindon Town Centre Swindon Town Centre

“As much as I love Swindon ….. You are seem to have found too much comfort in your job centre! Step out of the job centre and get yourself a banging perm job today – full time great rates so Don’t be a c**t talk to the hunt – Friends of Swindon please share”

One of the agency’s senior staff spoke with Swindon 24 this afternoon, and told us that the new employee of only a few weeks has been given a final warning for her actions.

A spokesperson for¬†Clarico said: “We have conducted a thorough investigation into the posting of this job advertisement on Facebook.

“During our investigation, we discovered that the post belongs to a rouge female employee who has only just joined our company. We would like to clarify that this person is not a company director, as reported by other media outlets.

“I would like to make an apology on behalf of Clarico. The employee’s post on their private Facebook page was offensive and unauthorised.

“The employee in question has been severely reprimanded and given a final warning.

“However, Facebook accounts are private and it is very difficult for a company to police private¬†profiles on Facebook or any other such site.

“The employee in question was trying to recruit drivers in Swindon in what she believed was a humorous manner, and ha s obviously offended folk in area.

“Even though this offended many Swindon people, her post has managed to get a very positive response from lots of local drivers.”