Puppy fighting for her life after being poisoned in Toothill Park area

A six-month-old puppy is currently fighting for her life after eating something poisonous while walking in the Toothill Park area.

A recent photo of Luna

It is believed that the puppy ingested some kind of poisonous substance yesterday afternoon, 30 December, while walking in park behind White Castle, Toothill.

Toothill Park, behind White Castle in Toothill, Swindon
Toothill Park, behind White Castle in Toothill, Swindon

She was later admitted to the vets. Luna’s owner, Robert, posted on Facebook yesterday: “This little bundle of joy is fighting for her life at the moment for some thing she eat whilst out on a walk at the back of white castle in west Swindon.”

Luna was sedated overnight, and owner Robert is hopeful, posting: “She seems to be responsive but still rate her [chance of survival] as 50/50”.

Another recent photo of Luna

We are unsure if this is intentional or unintentional poisoning at this stage.

An RSPCA spokesperson commented: “If anyone suspects that their dog has been poisoned they must take it to a vet immediately.

“If possible, they should take a sample of what the dog has eaten.”

Swindon 24’s investigation continues – updates to follow.

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