Praise for Lydiard Park event’s team after car goes up in flames

The owner of a car that went up in flames at the Lydiard Park fireworks display last night thanks the event’s team for their help.

Rebecca and her two children were leaving the firework display when a flame appeared in the footwell of her people carrier.

Worried, she pulled over and evacuated the car. It then caught light.


The event’s team jumped in to move other cars from the area while they awaited fire crews, who turned up on scene less than ten minutes later.

Rebecca said: “My two children and I are absolutely fine.

“A flame appeared in the footwell as I was trying to leave the fireworks – which were fantastic [by the way].

“I pulled off the main drag and told the kids to get out come to me and we walked far away. The immediate response team from the event were fantastic they got nearby cars out of the way and got by standers to move way back.

“The fire brigade were on site within ten [minutes].

“My children and I were looked after by many lovely individuals and then made comfortable by the events team who were all fantastic.”

For those worried that the car was a Vauxhall Zafira – don’t worry – it was a Renault Scenic. Although the fire is likely to have been caused by a mechanical fault.