Wiltshire Police rush to killer knifeman to discover it was all a hoax

Dozens of police officers left the scenes of minor incidents to rush to reports of a killer knifeman on the streets of a Wiltshire town yesterday evening.

Wiltshire Police: Police dog handler's van
Wiltshire Police: Police dog handler’s van

Despite the 999 caller claiming that a man had killed one person and was threatening to kill others too, officers arrived the scene in Warminster to discover it was a hoax.

A police spokesperson said: “We take these reports extremely seriously especially in these dangerous times. Officers diverted from other commitments and rushed to the scene.

“When we attend a call like this believe it or not it is actually quite [nerve-racking] for us, we don’t know exactly what we are heading towards but we go anyway because we are here to protect people.

“On arrival officers quickly established there never was a man with a knife and no one had died… it was a hoax call or what’s become commonly known as a juvenile ‘prank call’.”

One childish 28-year-old man was handed a £90 fine for wasting police time – with a court appearance if its not paid within 28 days.