Police apologise for issuing false information about hotel key cards

A police cyber crime officer has apologised for issuing false information about how to avoid being conned while staying in hotels online.


The advice was sent out to residents across the county, on Monday 4 January, via the Wiltshire and Swindon Community Messaging website, which issues crime information and advice to people.

Swindon Town Centre Swindon Town Centre

It warned hotel users that: “An employee can take a hand full of [room key cars] home and using a scanning device, access the information onto a laptop computer and go shopping at your expense.” It also included information on how to avoid being conned, but it advice turned out to be a hoax.

Content on the website is is managed by Wiltshire Police, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire and Swindon and Wiltshire-based Neighbourhood Watch.

PC Sarah Young, Cyber Crime Prevention Officer at Wiltshire Police said: “It would appear that the information circulated yesterday regarding hotel room key cards would in fact be false and subject to a previous ‘urban myth’ of which I had no personal knowledge.

“I wish to apologise for the information which is misleading and incorrect. At the time of sending the information I had an honest held belief that the information was correct and had been received by a reputable source, namely the Metropolitan Police.”