Pavement poet attacked by armed police officers in Valencia

Swindon’s renowned pavement poet, Daniel Rowland, was attacked by armed police officers in Valencia earlier today.

Currently travelling Europe, the poet and Swindon 24 columnist was approached by officers in the Spanish city, after noticing that he was chalking poetry onto the pavement.

Armed police arrive

The attack took place at around 1pm (GMT).

This photo shows the police officers, armed with shotguns, attempting to rub the chalk off the path.

Daniel said: “Unfortunately these will be the only photos from Valencia where the police totally over reacted to pavement poetry.

“They were ready to arrest me for taking the photo of them until the touch screen on my phone stopped working after they kicked me to the ground and tried to delete the photo.

“Luckily for me when the battery ran out and I recharged my phone the touch screen started working again. Safe to say I’ll be heading for the next town as soon as possible.”

Although, things calmed down shortly after the attack.

He said: “What was intriguing is that the police officer who kicked me to the ground calmed right down when they realised I was British.”