Passenger’s shock as taxi is side-swiped by car on Manchester Road

A passenger has been left injured after a car emerged from a junction, side-swiping the VCars taxi he was travelling in last night.


The road traffic collision took place on Manchester Road, at around 11.30pm on 28 December, just past the Tap and Barrel Inn.

The passenger sustained minor injuries, including whiplash.

The passenger of the taxi, who wanted to go by the name Liam, said: “Thank you to the taxi driver, who was lovely and helped me.

“Although, I am upset that VCars made me pay for my trip home, after suffering some minor injuries. I am concerned about using taxis in the the future.

“I’ll just get the bus home from the pub.”

The police and ambulance service were not called to the incident, VCars confirmed.

A spokesperson for the firm said: “All procedures were followed, and the council, who control the standard of taxis on the road, have been informed.

“The taxi involved in the collision is not believed to be a write-off, but will remain of the road until Swindon Borough Council inspect the vehicle and any damage is fixed.

“Our taxi was moving along Manchester Road at the time of the collision, when another vehicle emerged fro the junction, side-swiping our vehicle.

“The other party admitted liability at the scene.”