High number of over 50s will spend this Christmas abroad

A high number of people aged 50-and-over are deciding to spend this Christmas abroad, new research has revealed.

Hand in hand: An elderly couple wait to cross the road - Credit: Garry Knight
Hand in hand: An elderly couple wait to cross the road – Credit: Garry Knight

71% of festive holidaymakers are over the age of 51, new data from UK travel retailer Holiday Hypermarket shows.

In an analysis of bookings for Christmas 2016, the company found that 81% of these travellers were couples – meaning that the vast majority were holidaying without their families.

Meanwhile, the top holiday destination of choice is Tenerife – with as many as 24% of bookings flying out on the 20th of December to the popular resort in the Canaries for the Christmas period.

Las Teresitas beach in Santa Cruz, Tenerife
Las Teresitas beach in Santa Cruz, Tenerife

Interestingly, the numbers for people going on holiday over Christmas in their 60s is significantly lower, making up only 14% of all bookings.

Commenting on the findings Holiday Hypermarket representative Ian Crawford said: “There’s always been a strong interest in travel over the Christmas and New Year break, but it seems that winter sun is really popular at the moment, especially with slightly older couples.

“Those over 50 do tend to have a bit more money and time available to travel. We’re interested in why the numbers of winter holidaymakers seems to drop at 60+ though.

“Initially, we thought it may be down to wanting to spend time with their grandchildren. The average age for a first-time grandparent in the UK is 47, so it doesn’t seem that this is the reason.

“Anecdotally though, it seems from speaking to our customers that many people in their 60s simply feel more comfortable spending Christmas at home. It will be interesting to see how this figure changes over the coming years for this reason. In five to ten years, it may be significantly different.”