One dog dead and another injured after swimming in river

One dog has been killed and another has been left with life-changing injuries after they went swimming in Moredon river.

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River Ray, behind Nova Hreod Academy in Moredon

Dog owner Sarah, is warning other dog walkers to stop their dogs from swimming in the River Ray, behind Nova Hreod Academy in Moredon.

Her dog Charlie, a 19-month-old Labrador who loves water, ran ahead and jumped into the river after a stick and yelped in pain, on Friday, 15 January. He emerged from the water with what, at first, seemed to be a minor cut to his leg.

Charlie, the injured 19-month-old Labrador

According to other dog walkers, a Springer Spaniel was recently killed after he jumped into the same part of the river, cutting his throat open, subsequently dying.

“We carried him from the river to the golf course car park, there was blood everywhere. We got him home and bandaged him up, not realising the extent of the injury”, Sarah said.

“A few hours later, he moved about, and again, there was blood everywhere. At this point, I knew there was something seriously wrong and we took him to an emergency appointment at the vets, where they spent three hours working to stabilise him so he could be transferred to another vets for emergency surgery.”

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Path along side the River Ray, Moredon

“After four hours of operating, we discovered that he had severed his artery and had shredded his tendon on his front leg”, a distressed Sarah added.

“They later transferred him to another vet, where they performed surgery to try and re attach the tendon. Unfortunately Charlie’s operation wasn’t successful – the tendon has broken down again – so now he has to live with the injury.”

Councillor Des Moffat, who represents Rodbourne Cheney, is currently looking into the incidents. If your dog has been injured in this river, please call him on 01793 336276 or 07709 066707, alternatively email [email protected].