Old Town cafe’s smashed window paid for following our appeal

Swindon 24’s exclusive CCTV appeal has had a result; the damage to Dotty’s Old Town Cafe window has been paid for, with the offender avoiding prosecution.

The crime: Dotty’s Old Town Cafe window

Yesterday evening, we released CCTV footage showing a man drop-kicking the Devizes Road cafe’s window on a night out at 11.30pm on Friday 20 November.

Following our short appeal, the offender came forward to pay for the damage today.

Swindon Town Centre Swindon Town Centre

Co-owner Graham Rowcliffe said: “I’m very pleased to see that there are still some good people around. Honesty has prevailed here. We are very grateful that the offender has come forward to own up to the damage and paid for the window to be replaced in full.

“The last thing we wanted was a police investigation into this, and someone that had made a stupid drunken mistake to be prosecuted.”