Notorious beggar, the Crying Boy, could be back in Swindon

Notorious beggar Wayne Rose, who is best-known to residents at the Crying Boy conman, may have returned to Swindon.

Police Officer at Car

The Crying Boy is an infamous conman who attempts to take money from people by crying and offering up a dreadful sob-story that many are taken in by.

A town centre resident was walking along Plymouth Street with her father when she claims she was approached by the Crying Boy at 4.30pm this afternoon.

The resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “He started by asking if we knew Swindon, and then started getting emotional and said how he needed directions to the train station in order to get to Reading.

“Then, my dad told the man that he knew who he was and what he does. My dad has had a previous run-in with the Crying Man a few years back, when he told him that he was being abused and needed money to get the train to Reading.

“Once he knew we had clocked him, he changed his story. He then told us he needed directions to The Foyer and cycled off before we could reply.”

The man is described as skinny, with a narrow face. He has mousey brown hair and wearing a dark jumper. He was riding a dark grey or navy push bike at the time.

Wiltshire Police have been alerted to this incident.

If you are approached by the male, who you think may be attempting to con you, please contact Wiltshire Police by calling 101.