North Swindon man shot 14-year-old girl in the street

A man from North Swindon has today to return to court after admitting to shooting a 14-year-old girl with a BB gun in the street.

Kelvin John Clarke, 34, from Haydon End, admitted under oath that he had also shot at one of his neighbours satellite dishes, and had allowed a friend of his to use his BB gun to shoot into the street.

Clarke was given a court injunction in June 2015 preventing him from being abusive, engaging in threatening behaviour around his home, or causing harassment, alarm or distress to anyone in North Swindon.

He admitted to the judge he had pointed the gun at a girl he had been told to have no contact with, fired it and shot her in the arm causing pain and distress.

Clarke will appear back in court on 20th October 2015 for sentencing, but the judge has told him that this is a serious breach of his injunction for which he may be fined or sent to prison.