Lost dog Teddy still on the run for second day in 25 degree heat

A timid lost dog called Teddy is on the run for a second day.


The missing poodle-cross breed when missing yesterday morning, 19 July, and was found hiding under an Iceland delivery van in Logan Close, Old Walcot.

Swindon 24 reporter Daniel J Webb managed to catch Teddy after 30 minutes underneath the van with him. However, he slipped his collar soon after and ran away.

He followed Teddy from afar for around one mile before losing sight of him at Lawn Woods on Queens Drive near to Churchfields Academy.

The dog warden, volunteers and the dog’s sitter David – who is looking after him for family – were soon hot on Teddy’s tail. He was found, but unfortunately he was not caught.

Overnight, David set a dog bait trap and stayed up watching it. Teddy got close, but unluckily, he did not enter to take the bait.

Teddy is still on the run in the Lawns area, and in temperatures of up to 31 degrees celsius without food or water, the race is on to catch him.

If you know the whereabouts of Teddy, or have any information which could lead to his capture, please contact David on: 07834 479913.

The council’s dog warden and vets have been informed.