Swindon photography studio vanishes leaving customers ‘angry’

A photography studio based in Swindon town centre has closed suddenly – leaving many uninformed customers upset and angry.

The brand, Lifestyle Portraits, has vanished from the web; it’s Facebook page has been deleted or unpublished, and it’s website has been taken offline.

A quick Google search revealed that Brian Claassen, Managing Director of the firm, posted a listing on Funding-Tree requesting a 48 month loan of £30,000.

Within the listing, it said: “Lifestyle Portraits is an established contemporary photographic studio in Swindon with healthy profit margins, up to 90%.”

Customers are disappointed that no one informed them of the closure.

One customer said: “I’ve never been so angry. I’ve been waiting since Christmas for this shoot with my partner and we turn up to find the studio closed.

“On top of that, their website says ‘currently unavailable’ and their studio phone number isn’t connecting calls. The most annoying thing is, this was a Christmas present.”

If you’ve been affected by the closure of Lifestyle Portraits, please contact Swindon 24 today to find out how our photographers can help you.

The Brunel confirmed that the studio is not open or operating from the centre.

A spokesperson said: “We can confirm that this retailer is currently not operating from The Brunel but we have no further information about when they will be re-opening.

“[We are] not responsible for contracts between the shops and their customers. Customers who have queries about the status of this retailer are advised to contact Trading Standards.”