Kembrey Park workers concerned over parking when gym closes

Kembrey Park-based Thames Water employees have raised concerns about access to parking when Next Generation closes.

Next Generation car park
The Next Generation car park

A Swindon 24 source within Thames Water reports that the company have more than 900 employees based at the business park with access to just 300 spaces.

Workers have been using the gated Next Generation car park, with permission from the owners, who reportedly give access codes to around 100 employees.

“A lot of Thames Water staff use the Next Generation car park as there is simply nowhere else to park to go to work without being clamped, fined or moved by security”, the source revealed.

“If Next Generation closes, and doesn’t allow access to its car park, I would say that at least 100 members of staff would have to fork out on taxis, leave their cars in uncertain places in Gorse Hill or Penhill, or would have to walk in”, they added.

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Bernadette Carey who manages the Kembrey Park site said: “The news about Next Generation has come as a shock. The gym is always busy and well-used.

“Lots of staff that work on site here at Kembrey Park use the facilities.

“Although the gym is based at Kembrey Park, we do not own the Next Generation site, so unfortunately I cannot comment any further on this.”

Our investigation continues.