Inventor needs town’s help to win Pot Noodle competition

Former New College student Bianca Polizzi needs the town’s help to win Pot Noodle’s ‘You Can Make It’ invention competition.

Bianca's Kettle Kup invention will make it possible to enjoy a Pot Noodle anywhere (1)
Bianca Polizzi with a Pot Noodle

The You Can Make It winner will launch their time-saving invention to the world at a technology convention next year.

Bianca’s invention – the Kettle Kup, a wireless mini rechargeable kettle – came to her when she was running late for university one morning.

“I’d heard about the competition on a radio station, so I sat down and thought of a whole list of time-saving ideas but nothing really seemed practical, so I let it go and forgot about it,” she said. “Then one day I was running late, I’d been out the night before and I was rushing out the door without having had a coffee and I hadn’t made a packed lunch. I bought three coffees during my 8 hour day, which cost £6 – that’s not okay.

“Then I thought if I had a permanent thermal mug, life would be dandy. And that’s when the idea of the Kettle Kup was born.”

You can vote for Bianca on Twitter. Just retweet Pot Noodle’s post.

Bianca is currently in the lead with the most retweets on Twitter.

The French, Italian and European Studies continued: “I am currently in the lead for votes, against the other two inventions.

“If I keep this up until Friday 13 November, I will go to Las Vegas to unveil the prototype of my invention at a technology convention there in January 2016.”