Man arrested after firing gun and assaulting students at prom party

A man has been arrested after firing a gun at a prom after-party near Cirencester.

Wiltshire Police - Armed Police

Gloucestershire Police were dispatched to the scene in Cherington, about nine miles from Cirencester, at around 4am on Friday 1 July to reports of a disorder.

Swindon Town Centre Swindon Town Centre

A man, aged 49, was arrested on suspicion of a firearms offence, assault and a public order offence. He has since been released on bail.

It is understood that the suspect has a licence for his firearm, however, this has been suspended and his firearm has been seized.

A witness told Swindon 24 that “the man went nuts, shooting a gun and pointing it the kids. He punched a boy in the face, and hit a girl”.

Talking to the Gazette and Herald, Tim Gilson, headteacher at Malmesbury School, said: “It was a private party at night and I understood some of our students were there.

“As soon as we found out we called round all of our students and it became clear that everyone was safe.”