Residents to spend New Year’s Eve making donations to the homeless

Alcohol is off the menu for a group of people that are giving up their New Year’s Eve to distribute food and clothing to the town’s homeless.

Homeless man - The Parade

For Aaron Bull, and a group of friends, tonight will be spent in Swindon town centre giving out food, hot drinks and warm clothing to the homeless.

Aaron’s collections so far

Talking to Swindon 24 Aaron said: “I returned home from the military in 2014 and after seeing a bit of the world, predominantly Nairobi in Africa I realised how for granted we all take life and the simple things.

“I didn’t receive the help and support I needed when injured and ill and that was a real kick in the teeth. Seeing these guys on the streets made me think about my misfortunes and what could of been done to put it right. So I’d like to do right by somebody else.

“If that means a small contribution such as decent food, warmth, and a cuppa, then I’m happy to do that. Something that in reality costs peanuts. But it’s peanuts the less fortunate do not have.

“This year, as I sat and stared at our Christmas tree, I decided I wanted to do something a little different, I wanted to spread some joy and if that means a few sandwiches to fill the pit, gloves, scarf and a hat for the cold nights and a bit of compassion to warm the heart then so be it. All at little expense. I received great support from friends who wanted to contribute so the financial commitment was minimal.

“There’s no better feeling that putting a smile on somebodies face and giving them hope and faith, that there is still some great in Great Britain. It’s something I’d like to commit too in 2016 and the foreseeable future.

“The dream is to go back to Africa and do some aid work out there. The way I see it, it’s the decisions we make in life that define us. Life is a reflection of choice.

“Afghanistan played a big part too, that was the first country outside of the UK that I visited. Life there for the locals isn’t easy. And that’s reflected here, with the homeless. Hungry cold nights where soap is all they ask for. That and food. It’s just about giving something to those that can’t provide for themselves.”