Family saves six hens that were destine for the slaughterhouse

A family have saved the lives of six Wiltshire hens that were destine for the slaughterhouse this weekend, and one still needs a name.

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Unnamed: This plucky hen still needs a name

More than 200 hens were set to be slaughtered if homes for them could not be found, the British Hen Welfare Trust announced on Friday – luckily, they were all re-homed.

Rod and Poppy Hebden-Leeder, from Rodbourne Cheney, took in a further six hens, who have joined their existing pair, named Egbert and Coop, who also came from the Trust.

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Poppy and Rod with Egburt (left) and one of the new hens (right)

The couple say that they were shocked, but not surprised, at the state of the badly treated hens, likely to have come out of enriched cages.

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Poppy said: “Enriched cages may be marginally better for the hens than battery cages were, but they are still awful. Free-range living conditions are much better for chickens.

“Getting chickens was what made me turn vegetarian – when I saw their individual personalities for myself.”

Five of their new hens have been named: Edith (New), Billie (Piper), Diana (Dors), Melinda (Messenger) and Sophia (after Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s mother).

However, Rod and Poppy are stuck on a name for their sixth hen. They are calling on Swindon 24’s readers for help. Please post your suggestions on this Facebook post, or in the comments box at the bottom this story.